Hello from Lisbon, Portugal!

I'm Gabi and at 29 years old I'm happy to say that I've found my passions in life: Traveling and my own company. Although I love all kinds of people, I also love traveling on my own.

I currently work remotely with online communities in a translation startup. I love dad's jokes, pizza and empathetic people. I'm always seeking new interactions with interesting people.

Now, let's get to my story...

Before the pandemic, I was planning to launch a Blog and Instagram with some of the trips I've done alone. Being a woman traveling on their own can be very challenging. I wanted to empower other women and share my learnings with them in a fun and extroverted way.

However, Covid-19 broke out and I didn't stand a chance. This year, I decided to go back to this old dream of mine (at least the planning stage). That's why I'm looking for any kind of help I can get!

If you could give me one piece of advice to help me to fulfill my dream, what would it be?