Hey everyone!

I'm Chloe, 24 and I'm from France. Thank you for welcoming me to the StandOut Tribe! :) I'm super happy to have found this place where we can exchange on our experiences and help one another grow to be successful!

I currently work as a content creator on Instagram where I share my ever growing passion for skincare. However I feel like this needs a bit of background...

During the repetitive lockdowns here in France, I felt like I needed something to take my mind off of things (as most of us felt like I would assume during these hard times). I've always had this idea of opening an Instagram account to bring together two of my passions: content creation and skincare. At first, this felt really daunting but now I'm so glad I've done it. I get to work with brands that I love, share my passion and meet amazing new people!

So let this be a reminder to not let fear and hesitation stop you from doing what would make you truly happy! Go for it!

I'd love to have your advice (and tips!) on how to grow an Instagram account. What are the keys things to do in your opinion to build a community?

(Sharing a bit of my content on here but feel free to check my account on my profile. ;) )