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social media marketing
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Igal Marcus
Poet, Musician, Producer
Voted for Facebook

I use Facebook business suite for both

Chloe Masselot
Blogger - Food Enthusiast

How and why Influencer Marketing is now more than ever a reliable and successful marketing strategy for product-based companies?

What is Influencer Marketing and how does it work?

Influencer marketing emerged early 2013/2014 when influencers began to grow more and more on social media. It is now a well established strategy for online marketing. An influencer is someone who... (More)

Chloe Masselot
Blogger - Food Enthusiast
Hey everyone! I'm Chloe, 24 and I'm from France. Thank you for welcoming me to the StandOut Tribe! :) I'm super happy to have found this place where we can exchange on our experiences and help one another grow to... (More)