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Jupiter Kayonga
Digital Marketer 👨🏾‍💻| Social Media Specialist 🤳🏾| Content Manager 💻 | Photographer 📸

Hurray! My website is up! What's digital marketing?

Hurray! My website is up! What's digital marketing?🤔

Hey Jupiter, look I have my website up and running, but I do not see any sales, or no one reads what I have to say except for those loyal friends and... (More)

📱Content Manager | 📚📝Copywriter

Keep Your Content Out of the Internet Graveyard

How many times have you found yourself scrolling aimlessly on your mobile phone? I find myself lost in the digital world far more often than I would like to admit. After a while, the images seem to lose colour, and... (More)

Alice Lieu
STANDOUT Global Consultant

Hi Ishani, one way is by google search the emojis and just copy-paste the one you want in :)

Sofia Tsekoura
Marketing - Content - DIY Designer - Overall creative!

4 digital marketing trends to focus on in 2021

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak and the difficulties in 2020, there have been some bright spots that we can learn from and take into 2021.

2020 has been anything but ordinary. That meant that some of the trends that were predicted... (More)