Hello StandOuters!

This community is meant to help every entrepreneur achieve his business goals.

Yes, MORE than the Facebook Group, here the goal is to share, connect, network, and eventually GROW as business owners and digital entrepreneurs.

This is a tribe, a pool of knowledge, and we're expected to act accordingly. Here is the step by step to take the most out of this unique experience:


Ask questions under posts such as this one, if you're not asking questions you're not growing, and if you're not growing you're falling behind.


Invite your entrepreneur friends to join, this community is only valuable if VALUABLE CONNECTIONS arise from it. Share this with others, let's not keep anything for ourselves.


Introduce yourself with a short post, say why you are here: people who don't know where they are heading get nowhere. By stating your goals you'll be helped to get there, or at least you'll manifest your goals until they become a reality.

After all, we are all here to learn from each other and grow our businesses together.

Soon this will be a powerful network in which one will be the lead or business partner to the other.


Let's manifest our goals and start making them happen. Like a white canvas, every day, month, and year of our lives is a new opportunity for us to paint our new reality.

Finally, a quick update: the only channels that are open to everyone are the general channel and the Website Builder Channel, the other ones are paid VIP channels so you can just access a specific channel after joining its specific program.

If you want to join any of them and don't know how just let me know through the private chat!

QUESTION: What is your main business and personal goal for 2021?